The Mothers Board and Deaconess History
The Mothers Board is believed to have started in the Black Baptist Church in the early 1900’s and the Deaconess was said to be revived in England in 1833 as an organization to train nurses for hospital work. There have been many speculations as to the duties and functions of both the Mother’s Board and Deaconess.
The Mothers Board is a group within the Church composed of older women of good character, wisdom and love of the church. The Mothers Board ministry was formed to promote the cause of Christ and teach the younger women in the church. Deaconess should be devout holy women of God maintaining and active personal prayer life and devote much time to studying the Word of God.
At Romulus Community Baptist Church the Mothers and Mission served together from 1960 to 1978. In 1979, the Mothers Board and Deaconess joined together to serve the church. Throughout the years there have been many dedicated and devoted leaders and members.
President: Mother Estelle Williams
Vice President: Sister Shirley Harris
Secretary: Sister Brenda Gibbs Jordan
Treasurer: Mother Ella Mitchell
Sister Elizabeth Abner
Sister Lynne Collie
Sister Romika Glenn
Sister Jaqueline Lang
Sister Afreida Wade
Mother Arlene Arrington
Sister Penny Davis
Mother Arie Ruth Hodge
Sister Lydia Orr
Sister Ada Williams
Mother Faye Bowman
Mother Amanda Ervin
Sister Dorris Laffey
Sister Marie Wesley
Honorary Members
Mother Jerrylyn Shaw